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If you find yourself working out A LOT and yet you can’t seem to budge that weight... or you’ve put on more weight despite hitting the gym more often, then it’s likely that your METABOLISM IS OUT OF BALANCE!

There’s a myth that needs busting right here, right now... To SHIFT BODY FAT, (ideal client) DO NOT need to work out more or train harder or longer. That’s totally false and I see clients every week who do this and end up gaining weight. And exhausting themselves. They have been told that if you exercise a lot you can ‘burn calories’ and think that’s the secret to losing weight. It’s not. Excessive exercise pushes up your stress hormone Cortisol which cause the body to store more fat, not burn it. Sure, you get fitter but you don’t lose weight.

And, if you’re eating in a way that keeps another hormone high (insulin) then your body will store fat and never burn it.

🍏So the secret to healthy, sustainable weight loss is hormonal... its your hormonal response to food that determines whether you store or burn fat🍏

And so it’s not necessarily about doing ‘more exercise’. Eating in a way that keeps fat storage hormones in check means the body happily releases excess weight.

Three of the things I have been teaching my clients for ever to help with this are: 1. Portion sizes – knowing how much protein, veggies, oils and carbohydrate for YOUR body is critical 2. Eating 3 meals and not snacking (this is right out of my Metabolic Balance program and it’s KEY for keeping fat storage hormones in check!) 3. Nourish your body - if you have nutrient deficiencies, depending on what they are, this can impact your metabolism. So it’s important to know. Once your metabolism is reset, the RIGHT KINDS OF EXERCISE can then keep you looking and feeling lean and strong. HIIT style training, resistance training with body weight or weights (building more muscle) and things like walking, yoga and Pilates are perfect. But you have to get your metabolism reset first!

Contact me on 0417 328 200 or email me to if you want help with that !

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