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How to prevent holiday weight gain

Christmas holiday is a memorable and fun time. Family and friends gather together and enjoy lots of delicious festive food and drinks. While festive holidays can come and go quickly, the extra weight that results from overindulging can be a little difficult shift.

Interestingly some research has shown that many people tend to eat more around Christmas and at gatherings due to subconscious competitive eating (and drinking) – men especially.

If you wish to avoid such festive weight gain, here are some tips.

* Eat with awareness – eat slowly, keep asking yourself, am I hungry? Do I really want to eat this?

* Eat at your pace.

* Stop regularly and make a conscious decision that you do want to continue eating or that you are going to stop.

Don’t eat when stressed

  • Stress slows down digestion

  • Stress is a key driver of weight gain

  • Stress – blood sugar imbalance and cravings

  • Have digestive enzymes

  • Apple cider vinegar drink may help people increase stomach acid for better digestion.

  • If feeling overwhelmed or anxious, take 5 minutes to focus, breathe deeply, center yourself (and take digestive support)

  • Plan your destress strategies in advance

  • Take a walk, 5 minutes yoga routine, meditate

My body is not a bin!

  • Many of us are taught to finish our plates and not waste food. If you are full and the choice is between it going in the bin or eating it, and you eat it…this is you treating your body as a rubbish bin.

  • Love yourself enough to put it in the bin or save it for later.

  • Pour the last half glass of alcohol down the sink or the toilet. You do not have to down a drink!

  • Just say no to force-feeding and guilt!!!

  • Make your own decisions about what you put in your body.

Festive season – about drinking alcohol.

  • Always drink water – every day. It is possibly the easiest thing someone can control during the festive time.

  • Match every alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach – have a bag of nuts with you and eat a few before the first mouthful of alcohol.

  • Be your own boss – drink what you want to drink. Eat what you want to eat. Peer pressure is real and very damaging.

  • Get someone on your side as a buddy to help you make better decisions.

Do something active every day

  • Take a walk, 5 minutes yoga routine, meditate

  • If drinking, stand up regularly, stretch, move, take a short walk

  • Dance

  • Go to the gym

We cannot control what’s going on around us, but we can control what food and drink we are putting in our bodies.

Visualize yourself being healthy.


Whether you’re already dieting, want to avoid holiday weight gain, or know weight loss is a 2021 goal, we are happy to guide you with a Metabolic Balance@ program.

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