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Do you struggle with an irregular menstrual cycle, painful periods, heavy menstrual bleeding, hot flushes or night sweats?

Do you have difficulty losing or maintaining weight, abdominal bloating or skin concerns such as acne or breakouts?

Do you experience irritability, anxiety, depression, foggy brain, lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping or fatigue?

If you answered yes, Naturopathy will be able to address the underlying causes and assist in restoring hormonal balance so that you can begin to heal and embark on your journey to wellness. 


Naturopathy Consultation

The first consultation allocates 60 minutes to get to know you and to explore what is going on in your body.

During your first Naturopath Consultation, Kazumi will spend time developing an understanding of your concerns and exploring what underlying issues are at the root of your health concern. We will discuss your medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle, and mental health and after careful analysis, will begin developing a treatment plan.

You will be guided towards a personalised program to achieve your optimal health and begin your journey to wellness and vitality. By the end of your consultation, you will have access to symptomatic relief remedies with basic dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

Naturopathic remedies are chosen from various modalities including herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, homeopathy, and flower essences. A range of liquid herbal extracts, nutraceutical supplements, and compounding nutrition are available.

During your initial consultation, Kazumi will discuss Functional Pathology Testing which is a valuable tool to help to understand how biochemical, metabolic and biological mechanisms influence your form of health. It helps practitioners identify the underlying cause of health conditions and to establish the most effective treatment plan.

In your first consultation, most necessary tests will be discussed and organised on your behalf

The list of available tests are:

  • Female/Male Hormone Profile

  • Food Allergy/Intolerance Test

  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

  • GI Mapping 

  • DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

  • Thyroid Hormone Profile

  • General Pathology Tests 

  • Gene Tests (MTHFR Gene profile, Detox Profile, Hormone & Fertility Profile, Nutrigenomics Profile, Mood & Cognition Profile, Comprehensive Wellness Profile)

  • General Pathology Tests

Live Blood Screening Test, Body Composition Analysis and Urine pH Test are also conducted at the clinic if necessary.


The next step

Your second Naturopathy Consultation is set in 2 to 4 weeks and typically takes 45 minutes.

This session is to review how the initial remedies and health strategy worked for you and provides Kazumi an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments.


If your requested pathology test results have returned by the time of this session, Kazumi will discuss the results with you and implement any additional measures in your treatment plan including adjustments of your remedies. 

Moving forward, we recommend follow up consultations every month (More frequent depending on your treatment progress). These sessions will take approximately 30 minutes. Follow up Consultations are essential should the treatment in order for your treatment to be effective. Kazumi works closely with you through your wellness journey and provides ongoing support to ensure we maximise the efficacy of treatment. 

You will receive continued support through annual check-ups which are a great way to review your health and stay healthy. 

Herbs and Spices

Need something more comprehensive?

An Acute Case Consultation is designed to manage symptomatic relief in acute cases such as digestive discomfort and infections (e.g. cold and flu). The Acute Case consultation will typically go for 20 minutes.

The Acute Care Naturopathic Consultation focuses on:

  • General immune function support

  • Feeling anxious or having sleep problems due to stressful events

  • Review your current herbal and nutritional supplements

  • Acute digestive discomfort (if you have digestive symptoms chronically, recommend comprehensive naturopathic consultations).

  • Symptomatic relief of hay fever


An experienced practitioner assists you to select herbs and medical-grade nutritional supplements. 

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