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Hot Stones Massage

Holistic Beauty & Massage


Relaxation Massage

60 Minutes


Relaxation massage uses long soft strokes to create total relaxation.

  • Reduced muscle tension and headache

  • Relieve stress-related anxiety and nervous tension

  • Promote a sense of relaxation and well-being

  • Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Assist managing pain (e.g. joint pain, arthritis, sciatica)

Regular massage therapy also helps boost the immune function and detox process of the body. 

If you are suffering from period pain, abdominal discomfort due to digestive problems, trouble sleeping or feeling anxious, combining massage therapy with Naturopathic treatment gives you more benefits.

Kogao Facial Massage - Non-Surgical Face Lifting Massage

60 Minutes


Kogao Massage is a non-surgical natural face lifting technique that originated in Japan. Kogao means “small face or slimming face” in Japanese. Firming facial contours and even skin complexion are a part of the standard of beauty in Japan. The specialized massage technique was established to reduce puffiness of the eyes, firm facial muscles, slim facial lines and reduce wrinkles. The other benefits of this treatment are:

  • Improve blood circulation – skin tone is brighter and looks healthier

  • Deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue

  • Remove toxins by improving lymphatic flow

  • Release tension of shoulders, neck, and scalp

  • Enjoy total relaxation


This is a 60 minute treatment including:

  • Facial Cleansing

  • Kogao Facial Massage (Firming Facial Massage)

  • Anti-oxidant Facial Mask

  • Foot massage

  • Anti-oxidant Facial Moisturiser & Anti-ageing Eye Cream

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