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Want to begin your journey to wellness?

We would love to hear from you, if you have any health questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment with our team please contact us at naturopathkazumi@gmail.com, fill in the contact form below or call us on 0417 328 200.


Finding Kazumi, after spending at least 20 years searching for a naturopath that would bring me satisfactory results, was like finding a gold mine. Kazumi connects with you personally to understand the underlying cause of your ailments.

She is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable in natural healthcare. Kazumi tailor-makes treatment plans and mixes her own herbal mixtures specifically suited to your needs. I have had excellent results under the care of Kazumi. Her most outstanding quality is the time she takes to educate you about your ailment, the cause of it, and how to cure it. When you've found someone this good, you can't' help but share it so that others can also benefit. 


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