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Do you experience any of the following?

Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea

Stomach pain, or feeling sluggish or nauseous after eating

Recurrent headaches

Muscle aches and weakness

Nerve pain or numbness

Recurrent infections

Poor short-term memory and concentration

Sensitivity to environmental chemicals and strong odors (e.g. perfumes)

Chronic fatigue and lethargy

Anxiety and mood swings

Hormonal problems such as PMS or heavy, painful or irregular periods.

These symptoms are the signs that your body may be struggling under an increased toxic load, or reduced cellular capacity to resist the damaging effects of toxins. 

Detoxification is a process your body undertakes every day to help eliminate the environmental, dietary and toxins created internally that we are all exposed to. This process changes toxins into less harmful substances, which are subsequently excreted from the body. 

Consequently, supporting healthy detoxification helps your body to effectively and efficiently eliminate toxins and will turn your health back on track. 

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Detox Program

This detox program is a gentle body cleanse program through a nutritious whole foods diet, herbal and nutritional supplements.

The aim of the detox program is to :

  • Identify toxins and learn how to minimize toxic exposure 

  • Provide your body with fresh, clean and nutritional food

  • Support essential organs - liver, gut and kidney function to enhance the elimination of toxins and wastes.

  • Promote a good flora balance in the gut and digestive health


The program is personalised to take into account your presenting conditions and health concerns.

Kazumi will guide you on the length of your detox program, diet and lifestyle recommendations that suit your circumstances.

Through each session, Kazumi monitors your progress, answers your questions and encourages you to get through the program to achieve your health goals.

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